Aermec was founded in 1961 with an ambitious mission to time, ensuring prosperity and comfort wherever people live and work.

Since then Aermec has expanded its activity, aiming at a number of different markets such as residential facilities, retail stores, hotels, data centers, sport and entertainment facilities, public buildings and they care for health, as well as a number specific industrial applications. Within this action plan, Aermec continues to focus its activities on constant attention to quality research and to develop technical solutions that ensure maximum satisfaction to the users. competitive side of Aermec stems responding to technological challenges imposed by innovation, investing in processes and logistics and understand the needs of each client.

There is no challenge for air conditioning that Aermec can not solve. A wide range of products distinguishes the quality of design, materials and performance, able to meet all customer requirements within a specific collection applications. Numerous products Aermec offer, with over 300 species available, present liquid cooling, heat pumps, winding rotor, units for air handling, separation units, VRF systems, equipment for heat reinvigorated, units that are placed on the roof and other species. Each of the daily requirement for air conditioning delivered and settled in the world of Aermec, whose standard and custom product amounting to a total of 10,000 settings.

specific expertise, equipment selection and simulation of japing Aermec opportunity to design systems-based solutions to specific applications, ensuring that every customer to achieve an optimal solution for their individual needs and conditions. Emphasis on Aermec has less to do with the supply of products, rather than providing full integrated systems different possible solutions.

5 sales companies and over 70 international distributors provide dedicated advice in every continent, in Italy Aermec operates through 59 sales agencies and 78 customer support center.

Aermec has more than 650 employees, with over 130,000 m2 of factory space. These qualities rank Aermec among the world leaders tech air conditioning.

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