Aermec has guaranteed sah dedication towards sustainability and ensure the reduction of the environmental impact of any conception. Today, this philosophy insists on continuous investment in technology, a clear focus for the welfare of the people and ideas that marks the continued improvement versus the minimal carbon footprint.

Aermec is certified with ISO14001, applying some processes within their offices and factories that favor recycling, saving energy and reducing waste.

Innovation of products in the field of heat rififtimit and seasonal energy efficiency, along with system solutions aim to minimize the impact on the environment during their life. This has been and continues to be a key goal for the company.

The high level of innovation and forward-thinking technological solutions that differentiate product derived from Aermec constant commitment to research.

Aermec applying more advanced technology, creating a continuous cycle of product development, to achieve increased energy efficiency, renewal of integration and lower costs to property.

Beyond internal R & D facilities, enhanced by sophisticated development tools and tested facilities for artistic situation, Aermec closely with well-known universities and research institutions.

A total of 8 calorimetry chambers allows careful testing of all the product settings, including tests in extreme temperature conditions (-15 ° C – 55 ° C). Laboratories contain larger facilities in Europe for air conditioning testing, accredited to carry out tests certified Eurovent and AHRI, with a maximum capacity 2me.

Aermec also owns a ventilation tunnel that allows measurement of air flow, enthalpy tunnel for thermal analysis and exchange a “real” unique room that simulates realistic environments, allowing analysis of high level and the development of new thermal algorithms. semi-sounding room, robotic control for noise measurement, sound power and allows the measurement of sound pressure level and the planning of sound intensity.

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